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Time to build. Time to get your hands dirty. Perfect for even smaller projects in the garden such as raised beds, garden cellars, smaller walls and much more.

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Male architect hands drawing architectural building plan

Earthbag Building Plans

The webpage at provides a comprehensive collection of plans for building structures using earthbags. These structures range from small studios and offices to multi-bedroom

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1. WHAT IS EARTHBAG CONSTRUCTION? If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way of building, earthbag construction is a good option. In

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Earthbag side view

What is the Price of Superadobe?

If you’ve been researching eco-friendly building solutions, you’ve probably heard of Superadobe. This revolutionary method of construction uses bags filled with sand, clay, gravel, and

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Wer hat Superadobe erfunden?

Who Invented Superadobe?

Superadobe is an innovative form of earthbag construction that is gaining ground in the world of sustainable architecture. But who was the genius behind this

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4 natural building types

So what are straw bale, Kob, Erdsack and rammed earth buildings? These four natural building techniques harness the power of nature to build sturdy homes

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