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Earthbag houses offer many advantages when it comes to creating an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective home. One of the crucial steps in building an earthbag house is plastering. Plastering is the process of applying a protective layer of clay or lime to the exterior parts of the building. This article briefly explains why plastering is important and how best to do it.

Plastering is important for any building, but especially for earthbag homes. It helps keep moisture out and ensures your new home stays protected from the outside elements. Good quality siding also helps keep the temperature in your house at a constant level – warm in winter and cold in summer. Properly plastered surfaces are durable and protective; You also don’t have to apply or repair new layers of plaster every few years!

There are various materials that can be used when plastering earthbag houses – clay and lime mortar are the most popular options. Both are natural and produce no pollutants. They are also very powerful and durable; Both materials can be mixed with paint so you can give your home the shade you like.

The technique of plastering differs slightly depending on the material used – clay or lime mortar – but both require some finesse. If you use clay, it needs to be well mixed (with water) so it’s thick enough to stick properly, but not so thick that it crumbles or drips! In order to apply lime mortar correctly, you need special tools (such as a brush or spatula) to spread the mortar evenly on the wall. In any case, experts recommend applying at least two layers of the material to get the best results!

Plastering is an essential step in building an earthbag home – it helps keep moisture out and protects your home from the outside elements and temperature extremes. There are different materials that can be used (clay or lime mortar), but in any case, experts recommend applying at least 2 coats of material for best results! With a little practice you can be sure that you will get the right result so that you can look forward to your new dream home for years to come. 🙂

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