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Who Invented Superadobe?

Wer hat Superadobe erfunden?

Superadobe is an innovative form of earthbag construction that is gaining ground in the world of sustainable architecture. But who was the genius behind this revolutionary construction technique? Let’s take a look at the inventor of superadobe, the late Iranian-American architect Nader Khalili.

Nader Khalili was born in 1941 and grew up in Tehran, Iran. He studied architecture at Tehran University and was also trained as a traditional Persian master mason and carpenter. After graduating from university, he moved to Germany, where he studied with a scholarship at the Technical University of Berlin. After completing his studies, he moved to California in 1971 and began working as an architect.

In 1984, Khalili founded the Cal-Earth Institute, which focuses on research and development of natural building techniques that are both affordable and environmentally friendly. Here, Khalili developed the Superadobe process, which uses sandbags filled with soil or other natural materials such as straw or wood chips to create walls strong enough to support roofs made of adobe or other materials. The sacks are stacked in a spiral around a central core and reinforced with barbed wire for extra strength. This type of construction is used around the world for many different purposes, from homes to bunkers to community centers.

Khalili’s work went beyond the mere development of building techniques. He focused on how to improve access to housing for people living in poverty or remote areas without access to modern building materials or technology. His goal was to create not only safe and durable buildings, but also inexpensive ones that anyone could build without breaking their bank account.

Nader Khalili’s invention of Superadobe revolutionized sustainable architecture by making it accessible to everyone, regardless of financial status or geographical location. Today, his work continues to inspire architects around the world who strive to use natural materials whenever possible while maintaining structural integrity and safety standards. Thanks to his groundbreaking invention, more people than ever before have access to green living options that don’t compromise on comfort and quality. We can all be thankful for Nader Khalili’s contribution!

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