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Intensive bioconstruction course with superadobe – Almeria (Spain) by Domoterra July 13. – 28. 2024

July 13 to 28, 2024

Almeria (Spain)


Intensive Workshop in Superadobe/Earthbag Building Technique

Join us for a comprehensive 16-day workshop focusing on the Superadobe/Earthbag building technique. Over the duration of the workshop, participants will engage in hands-on construction activities, including the construction of straight walls, various arch systems for passageways and windows, and the closing of dome tops.

Using earth and lime as primary raw materials, this workshop offers practical training and in-depth theoretical preparation on all technical aspects of Superadobe construction. Participants will explore methods to adapt Superadobe construction to different climates, addressing specific needs in various environmental contexts.

Course Aimed at:

  • Individuals interested in bioconstruction with earth and alternative building materials like lime.
  • Architects and technical architects seeking practical knowledge in bioconstructive techniques.
  • Construction professionals eager to expand their expertise in natural materials such as adobe and lime.


Location: Almócita, Almería, Spain.


Contents of the Training Program:


  • Principles of Sustainable Architecture.
  • Advantages of Bioconstruction with Earth.
  • Fundamentals of Superadobe: Composition, soil types, and stabilizers.
  • Use of lime in construction.
  • Application of the compass in construction.
  • Geometric principles of arches and vaults.
  • Technical design and reading of models.
  • Foundation systems for different climates.
  • Coatings for Superadobe.
  • Land planning and passive air conditioning strategies.
  • Bio-Habitability principles.
  • Budget calculation.
  • Cinema-Forum Space.



  • Dome layout planning.
  • Foundation, drainage, and insulation techniques.
  • Bag and wire handling.
  • Opening of passageways and windows.
  • Wall construction.
  • Pre-installations.
  • Compass placement and management.
  • Window visors/eyebrows.
  • Passageway lintels.
  • Hole forms preparation and use.
  • Dome enclosure.


Dates: July 13th to July 28th, 2024.

Tuition Fee:

  • €550 for registrations until July 10th.
  • €600 after July 10th. Registration open until spaces are filled.



  1. Theoretical and practical training (105 teaching hours).
  2. Comprehensive teaching manual on Superadobe construction.
  3. Certificate of attendance.
  4. Study material in digital format.


More Info & Registration:


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