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Domoterra – Superadobe & Earth and Lime Craft Houses. Construction, Training, Bioclimatism.

Domoterra is a pioneering organization based in Spain that specializes in the construction of artisanal houses using the Earth-Bag or Superadobe technique, a method developed by Iranian architect Nader Khalili. The organization is committed to sustainable community development, combining bioconstruction techniques with the use of eco-friendly materials, renewable energy, permaculture, and fostering sustainable interpersonal relationships.

Domoterra is also a leader in research and development, particularly in the use of lime as a stabilizing material in Superadobe construction. They have extensive experience in construction and training, having conducted 58 training courses and trained 480 students, some of whom are now building their own earth homes. Domoterra has built one of the largest Superadobe structures in the world, a 145 square meter house, which was the first of its kind in Spain to receive all necessary licenses and permits.

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