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Superadobe Building Workshop in Kilifi, Kenya

Embark on a transformative 28-day journey with the Musafir team to delve deep into the world of bio-construction and sustainable design. This November,  they are launching their inaugural Superadobe building course in the picturesque setting of Kilifi, Kenya, in partnership with Distant Relatives Eco-Lodge & Backpackers. Guided by the expertise of Tommaso Bazzechi, participants will have the unique opportunity to construct a superadobe home for a deserving family in the Fumbini village.

Why Superadobe?

Superadobe is an innovative construction method that leverages natural resources to create resilient and eco-friendly homes. With its earthbag technique, these structures stand strong against various natural calamities. This comprehensive course will cover:

  • Core concepts of superadobe and stabilizing agents
  • Soil type analysis and discussions
  • Design principles of arches and vaults
  • Land management and passive cooling strategies
  • Practical steps in superadobe construction
  • Natural finishes and roofing with coconut leaves

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals passionate about sustainable building practices
  • Aspiring builders keen on mastering superadobe and earthbag techniques
  • Teams eager to collaborate on a global community project
  • Travel enthusiasts looking to immerse in Kenyan culture
  • Professionals working in disaster-prone areas seeking resilient building solutions

Course Specifics

  • Duration: Choose between the full 28-day course or one of the two 14-day segments.
  • Capacity: Limited to 25 participants. First come, first served.
  • Pricing: Avail early bird discounts before September 15. A portion of the fees will sponsor local Kilifi community members.

Meet the Mentor: Tommaso Bazzechi

Tommaso, an architect and permaculturist, is renowned for his expertise in eco-building with natural materials, especially Superadobe and Earth Building. With a rich experience spanning over a decade, he has spearheaded projects globally. His approach combines traditional techniques with modern innovation.

Stay Options

Both the Musafir and Distant Relatives Eco-Lodge & Backpackers provide discounted accommodation packages for attendees. Explore local dining options or request dinner menus from the Musafir during the course.

About the Hosts

  • Musafir: Experience the charm of East Africa’s largest traditional sailing dhow. The Musafir promotes sustainable living, offering guests a unique stay on the Swahili coast.
  • Distant Relatives Eco-Lodge & Backpackers: A testament to eco-conscious living, this ecolodge offers a blend of comfort and sustainability.

Additional Information

  • Transportation and international travel not included.
  • Kilifi is conveniently located near Mombasa and Malindi airports.
  • Ensure you check visa, COVID-19, and vaccination guidelines based on your nationality.
  • Languages spoken during the course include English, Italian, Spanish, and Swahili.

–> Find out more here on their Website

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