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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

1: Definition

With our Affiliate Program you can earn 5% on every order excluding shipping. Our Affiliate Program only applies to “Earthbag” orders. We provide Affiliate Links and Promotion Banner for you.

2: Nature of the partnership

Affiliates are independent contractors, not employees of our business

3: Application and acceptance into the program

What are the requirements needed to apply to the affiliate program?
Everybody can apply for an affiliate program. We are asking for a few details though how you plan to promote for example the affiliate links.

When does someone become notified about their acceptance or rejection?
We are trying to approve/notify all applicants within 48 hours.

How is the affiliate agreement finalised?
You agree to our terms by accepting in the application form our terms & conditions.

4: How the affiliate program works

Approved applicants will get a login to our affiliate system. There we provide affiliate Links & Banner Graphics you can use to promote our products.

5: Non-exclusivity clause is not limited to only working with an individual affiliate, and the affiliate is still free to promote any other businesses and products.

6: Responsibilities of the parties involved

Responsibilities of the affiliate

As an affiliate, it is essential to uphold certain responsibilities in order to successfully manage your program. It is also important to ensure compliance with any advertising regulations or copyright issues that could arise. It is your job as the affiliate to stay ahead of competition by monitoring your market share and developing engaging content for potential customers.

Responsibilities of

As a business we have responsibilities to uphold in order to ensure the success of the program. Responsibilities may include setting clear terms of agreement, forming a structured hierarchy and onboarding process, providing timely and accurate payouts, providing support when needed, monitoring developing trends and more.

7: Commission and payment

How does an affiliate become eligible for commission?

We provide through our tool affiliate links. You become eligible after a client clicks on your link and makes a purchase. Always the latest cookie of an affiliate link clicked is stored for 90 days.

What must be done in order for an affiliate to earn a commission?

You have to successfully get a customer to click on your link and then purchase a product on our website.

What commission rates are available?

We pay a commission of 5% on all “Earthbag” purchases. This is excluding shipping.

When can a payout be made?

We will pay out any comission after 60 days of the approved order payment.

How long are they eligible for a commission after someone clicks on an affiliate link?

Our cookies are stored 90 days. Please be aware that if a customer clicks later on another affiliate cookie that this one will be stored. So this means always the last cookie / affiliate link clicked will be eligible for the commission.

What fraudulent actions would make a purchase ineligible for commission?

Affiliate programs have certain standards when it comes to customer purchases and transactions. If any fraudulent action is taken part in, then the purchase can be considered ineligible for commission. This includes purposely trying to inflate sales numbers by reimbursing customers through cashback portals and discount sites, offering incentives or rewards not offered by the merchant, promising a better product deal than what actually exists, gaining access to competitor’s products without proper approval, or creating fake accounts with different IP addresses. Taking such actions can not only make purchases ineligible for commission but they are also illegal. Participating in affiliate programs requires integrity and honesty and retailers should ensure official processes are followed at all times.

8: Link promotion terms

Where the affiliate link can and cannot be displayed:

At the moment we don’t have any limitations.

What counts as misuse of the affiliate link?

We will update this section later.

9: Brand promotion terms

What rules must the affiliate follow for using your brand name?

The content, or ads should not be misleading. We have to right to terminate and not pay out any commission without any explanations.

What are the messaging guidelines for representing your product?

The content, or ads should not be misleading.

Intellectual property guidelines: What logos, slogans, etc. are the property of your brand?

You can use all our logos, text as well the pictures provided in our Affiliate Page Section.

10: Affiliate tracking

How will the affiliate’s activity be tracked?

Our Tracking is via a cookie.

What type of information will you collect, and what software will you use to collect it?

We collect only the cookie tracking.

11: Termination or suspension

How long does your affiliate marketing agreement last?

The agreement lasts as long as one of the parties cancels.

Under what circumstances would the contract be prematurely terminated or suspended?

We keep the right to cancel any affiliate contract without further explanations. As well we keep the right to cancel the affiliate program at all. We will inform affiliates 30 days in advance via Email.

What happens when there are changes to the affiliate agreement?

We will inform all our affiliates via Email regarding changes.